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   The Piper Owners’ Association is an active club which promotes the sailing and racing of Pipers, mostly around the Clyde but also further afield.

   These classic one-design yachts were designed by David Boyd and built in Sandbank from 1966, fifty eight being built in all. Many are still sailed in the Clyde, most based within local sailing clubs, and these clubs host Piper regattas and events throughout the sailing season.  The two main events are the Piper Anniversary Regatta at the Holy Loch Sailing Club in May and the annual Piper “World” Championships held at the Royal Gourock Yacht Club every August.

   We strive to maintain the one-design as close to the original as possible to allow close racing without handicap, ensuring that with almost identical boats the crews with the greatest skill win.  

   We welcome new members either around the Clyde or further afield, as we are keen to maintain contact with Piper Owners and sailors out-with the West of Scotland. We know of Pipers in England, several other European countries, Africa and North America, and are pleased that a number of their owners are also members of the Association.

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Helmed by  R Donaldson winner of the Championships this year

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